CIJ Clarity Catalyst

The Transformational Course Towards Self-Mastery

CIJ: The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 to cultivate Clarity, Creativity, Authenticity and Self- Expression.

In this powerful, life shifting, 8-week self-discovery course you will be given the blueprint to get clear on who you are and what you want. Your clarity, self- confidence, awareness, sense of direction, and passion will increase exponentially.

If you are ready to….

  • Get into your “flow” by doing what you love and getting paid to do it so that you can leave your unfulfilling job
  • Get crystal clear on your vision and mission so that you can help others and leave an impactful footprint on this great earth
  • Ignite more passion and love into your life so that you can feel excited and sexy because you are loved, cherished, and honored
  • Belong to a group of like-minded others who also want to take their lives to the next level so that you can feel a sense of tribe and community

Then… The CIJ Clarity Catalyst is for you!

In this 8-week program you will:

  • Awaken to your true calling by getting clear on who you are and want you really want
  • Discover the vast well of creativity that dwells inside of you so you can powerfully share it with the world
  • Rewrite and Reprogram your limited mindset with new beliefs that will set you free
  • Connect with a tribe that has been attracted by YOUR awesome vibe…a group of people who will hold you high and support you
  • Work with the fear that has been paralyzing you so that you can finally go for it and live out the life that is waiting for you
  • Step into your power, authenticity, and confidence so that you can create abundance by sharing your unique contribution and gifts with the world

Get a crystal-clear blueprint that will help you tap in your creative FLOW and intuition so you can achieve the greatness that you KNOW you are capable of.

A delicious blend of sacred sharing in a safe space, experiential mindfulness and emotional intelligence exercises to refine and define who you are, weekly live-withs to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world, plus meaningful conversations with your peer coaching connection partner mid-week to land the learning and solidify the group.

Join the thousands of others who have shifted from where they were to where they wanted to be!

Here is what graduates say about the course: https://youtu.be/08Gi_DMNWi0

Your Instructor

Jaslin Martin
Jaslin Martin

Jaslin Martin started her personal development journey at the young age of 12. From there she met her mentors such as Tony Robbins, Dan Millman, Jennifer Grace, Darren Hardy, and John Maxwell. She became a graduate of Landmark, Mastery University, CIJourney, CAJourney, and the Peaceful Warrior. With all of this accumulated knowledge she started to take action.

She started a non-profit organization throughout high school. When she graduated Summa Cum Laude (top 3% of her class) she started her first business at 18 years old. She finished her AA in Psychology at Miami Dade Honors College and followed her passion. At 21 years of age, she became a Certified Life Coach and a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. At 22 years young she became an instructor for a Stanford University Master's Degree Course called CIJourney. At 23 she started her podcast, contacted 21+ experts for a summit, and launched a book club with over 800 members. She loves to empower women to read, feed their souls, and succeed in business and... she loves fuzzy socks.

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